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A boutique cosmetic clinic

Focused in tailored medical-grade treatments for people who want to avidly prevent the aging process and subtly enhance themselves to look and feel their best.

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Safety is our top priority. Dr. Christina Barbat is a licensed physician specializing in medical aesthetics. Her medical school & residency training instilled facial and body anatomy expertise. Her continued aesthetic & and cosmetic training has allowed her to love and master the treatments she provides

We deliver a carefully tailored experience. Treatments are personalized based on each patient's needs and expectations. Our team will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan that’s perfect for you.

We strongly believe that medical-grade services are essential in order to see results now and in the future. Dr. Christina Barbat is an expert in her field any carefully applies conventional treatments through an artful lens. The outcome? NATURAL but VISIBLE results.

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Set up your complimentary consultation with Dr. Christina Barbat where she will develop and provide information for your bespoke treatment plan